Posted on is a project started as an aid to my programming journey at University. Without any regret, it has helped me massively, and I have learned more from it than I could imagine. Whether people notice it, or have fallen victim to brainwashing, I have always and forever strived to bring something new and fresh to the community; much of the time it is free, or otherwise affordable – if you thought money was my motive, why am I embracing the lowest-valued services in the world, and not, lets say, unlocks?

My routine with this site is to learn, develop and share. For the love of God, I post no more than 20 times in a year, and without any interaction or ties with other sellers, I would expect a little piece and quiet from outsiders. I do not spam my followers, I do not force my followers into anything, and I do not repeat any update more than once.

The conflict you see today is the result of a soul without any shame, full of denial and quite frankly who has stabbed my research partner and I in the back for the duration of knowing him. It would be easy to show you if it wasn’t for the blatantly obvious evidence being erased from his timeline. So I leave you with the question, why would someone who does not post their unlocks feel the need to wipe their timeline? What evidence does it hide for someone who senses competition as a threat and tries to match it on the go?

I am not asking for credit, or respect, and I have not complained about the matter, but he chose to bring it up himself and play the part of the victim. If denial, theft, and lies are the properties of a good friend, then I must apologise, but I truly am shocked that my actions come as a surprise to someone so blinded by money, that they don’t know what wrong they have done. I know loyalty clouds people’s judgement, so let’s not speak more about this – I didn’t make a big deal of it, and you shouldn’t have to either.

Best regards,