We do not sell any unlimited access/packages – try one to know why.
We do not sell or trade any of our source code – we strive for stability, not profit.
We do not collaborate with anyone on projects – we always get sold out.

iFreeiCloud Revamp!

The team at are all recent University graduates, and are now committed to full-time development of our immensely growing business! We’ve got hundreds of ideas in mind to develop, including a total revamp of our web design, our very first mobile app, Pro Check 7 and much more innovations which we best keep secret! Unlike other businesses, we always listen to our customers’ feedback and have the power to implement any updates ourselves! We’re so looking forward to setting the bar for IMEI Check solutions (and more to come)!

2019In progress…

Unlock Pro

Imagine an unlock service, where there’s no human involved… where it performs all necessary checks on it’s own.. where it analyses all your checks directly from your order history.. where it’s impossible to submit a wrong order.. where payments are processed instantly.. where unlocks are processed automatically.. and where orders are SIM/FMI tracked 24/7. Well, it exists! And we call it Unlock Pro!
* We have not yet decided if we will be introducing iCloud Unlocks

With the advancement in technology on our site over the years, we’re bringing back iCloud Unlocks to, but this time… fully automated! We will offer the first system in the world that can analyse your device’s Case History automatically and identify good case from bad. It will also identify your device’s Sold By, Country, iCloud Status and Replacement Devices on it’s own with SmartLookup technology, so no matter how little you know about unlocks, it will be impossible to place an unsupported order! Customer satisfaction is always paramount to us, which is why we think we’ll bring a fresh and fun experience to such a volatile market!
Who's it good for?

  • First timers!
    • Unlock Terminology: GSX.. Case History.. Bad Case.. Clean Case.. Fresh.. Rejected.. Replacement Devices.. iCloud Status.. FMI Status.. GSMA Status.. Sold By.. Sold To.. Purchase Country..
    • If you don’t know what all of these terms mean or how to find out, then you will have trouble finding the right service for you, or even worse, you could lose your money for submitting an unsupported order…
    • Our tool assumes you know nothing about the process or terminology of iCloud Unlocks! It will do all the checks and analysis for you, asking your permission to submit paid checks where necessary.
  • No. 1 fans of automation!
    • Just like us, you might be a fanatic of fully automated processes.
    • Unlocks normally require a human to perform compatibility checks, confirm your payment, submit your unlock, and contact you when it’s done.
    • With Unlock Pro, we’re removing the human from the equation entirely!
  • Our awesome clients!
    • There’s no denying it – these days, the unlock market is extremely dangerous!
    • You’re more likely to pay a fraudulent or irresponsible seller, than one who will account for any problem.
    • At, we have such a great and loyal client-base and we think now is a stable period in our business to be trusted without question, in our expansion to unlocks.

2019Coming soon

Pro Check V7

The most sophisticated checking tool is here to revolutionise the industry! Pro Check 7 picks up on the inefficiencies of its predecessor, as well as all our competitors on the web! Of course, it also comes with its own innovative features that you won’t find elsewhere. Pro Check 7 is the perfect companion to single-users, multi-users and bulk-users (coming soon). It’s now available from the new Client Area!

What's new?

  • Responsive: The new IMEI Check scales perfectly to any size screen, with careful optimisation for small screens (e.g. iPhone 5).
  • Validation: With smarter algorithms, we can validate your order in real-time and identify common mistakes.
  • Samples: There’s no better description than an example, so we’ve now provided samples for every service in every scenario.
  • Streamlined: We’ve designed the new interface with efficiency in mind, so there’s less effort required for the same tasks.
  • One-click Credits: We’re the first website to offer a full checkout experience on the same page as your order.
  • Money Saver: The one feature our competitors can’t handle is saving you money from duplicate orders. We’ll notify you when this happens and let you decide what to do.

May 2019Released

Project Zeus

Project Zeus is an industrial bulk checker for any business involved in Apple device repair and unlocking. It’s underlying technology is like none other in the market and gives the tool it’s lightning-speed feature. Why wait seconds for every check, when Zeus can do it in a tenth of a second which is up to 95% faster than sequential checks? Project Zeus has taken the tedious task of checking large batches of devices, injected it with our synchronous technology and has produced an effortless, super-speed, one-click solution! We offer 4 ways to download and analyse your results from the moment your order is complete; through Zeus UI (see demo), by Email (automatic), via CSV (Spreadsheet) or via JSON (for developers).

Oct 2017Stable

iFreeiCloud API Dhru/GSM Fusion, PHP

After many requests, we have finally released an API compatible with every type of reseller web-store and developer! For resellers, we have based our API on the popular Dhru platform, also supported by GSM Genie. Integration is seamless! For developers, we have opened up new possibilities with not just instant services, but also offer special JSON objects for supported services. This means developers can effortlessly grab a specific detail they need from the check, without having to unreliably parse the HTML result themselves, or manually process it. Both API’s can be used simultaneously from the same account. For security, we provide different access keys for each API, and our security settings are unique to each one.

Sep 2017Stable

WiFi iCloud Status (iPad/Watch/iPod)

No matter how many free or paid checkers you try, or however much you’re willing to pay, finding the iCloud Status for WiFi-only devices is something you’re not going to find anywhere (unless it’s faked)… That’s were we come in :) We are now an exclusive provider of iCloud Status for ALL devices, by IMEI or Serial Number, but excluding MacBook (which should not be a surprise as they all show as FMI OFF). So gather your serials and get checking with our new service while it lasts, also available with API!

Aug 2017World Exclusive

PayPal Pro Check One payment – one check

Until now, we’ve specialised our services in IMEI Checks for bulk, resale and unlocking purposes. We’ve always wanted to expand our services to the rest of the public – perhaps needing a quick check on a rare occasion – and we’ve now finally reached out to them :) We’ve looked into similar checking experiences on the web, and we’re quite certain we’ve developed the fastest, easiest, and most convenient solution in the industry, powered by PayPal!

If you need a fast, safe and secure IMEI check, please first check your device’s IMEI or Serial on our Free Check service, to get some basic information, and it is here you’ll find the list of paid checkers we offer, for you to conveniently order within 60 seconds!

See Video Preview...
Oops! We’ve removed our current video preview as it was using an early build version of the project. Now that the project is released, we will be replacing it with a new video shortly…
See Features...

  • The whole process is done on one page! No redirects, no refreshes, and we’ll display the result on that same page!
  • You can have your IMEI Check done in 60 seconds from start to finish, including payment!
  • We’re using the very latest PayPal innovations from Express Checkout V4 and we’re the first business in the industry to be using Authorization Technology*, to make the experience smooth like never before.
  • *We don’t actually take your payment unless successful! We only ask you to authorize the payment before we check your IMEI, meaning PayPal will just ensure you have enough funds, without charging you. Once our system confirms successful delivery of your IMEI Check, we’ll charge your account for the order; if the check fails, we’ll cancel your payment automatically, and the funds are available to you instantly.

Jul 2017Stable

InstaCheck AI

Did you know, that the last four characters of your Serial Number (known as the config code) can tell you the Model, the Colour and the Storage Capacity of your device? Every Free or Paid check ever done on our site is fed to our AI, which (with the help of a few algorithms and bots) retrieves the model description for each new config code, and stores any new findings on our database. The result of it is a confidential, instant and offline solution to looking up the Model, Colour and Capacity of your device, with just the last 4 characters of your Serial. Also coming with API, it can make your scripts so much more awesome!

InstaCheck AI is currently implemented on our Free Checker, which now shows Model/Colour/Capacity info for 99% of devices!

Jun 2017Stable

Free IMEI/Serial Checker

As you probably learnt, Apple have permanently taken down their famous Activation Lock checker and offer no official way to check this status anymore. Activation Lock (or Find My iPhone) tells you whether an Apple product is a paperweight or a perfectly usable device. When Activation Locked, you would be locked out of the device unless you have the Apple ID credentials to the original owner of the device. Well our free checker has now returned and is still stable after over 7 million lookups! API has also been integrated!

Guests – reCaptcha Protection (every check)

Paid Customers – No Captcha (5 per hour)

May 2017Stable