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  • If you are completely inexperienced about adding files to your host, then DO NOT BUY our script!
  • If you don't have a FMI.php file on your host, then DO NOT BUY our script!
  • If you thought that this is a complete phishing script, then definitely DO NOT BUY our script!

Standard PayPal Payments are added instantly & automatically, however you are charged 5% + $0.30 extra of the amount of credits you are adding. This is due to the minimal nature of our pricing, and so we require you to cover the transaction fees.

We accept PayPal Friends & Family deposits at no extra charge; the amount you send is the amount we will add to your account. Tweet or Email us for details.

Minimum Deposit: $5
Deposits are non-refundable, unless you do not use ANY of the credits at all, and wish to be refunded.

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